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Produces crushed stone, sand, gravel, or slag in Indiana (Producer)
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Dues are based on two components: man-hour assessments and plant assessments. Dues are structured to provide each member with a safety net against sudden increases. Man-hour assessments are based upon the last available full year record from the U.S. Mine Safety & Health Administration records. These are public records and are available quarterly from the U.S. Mine Safety & Health Administration. The IMAA Board of Directors determines the man-hour rate assessment each fall, after it adopts the annual Association budget. The definition used by the Dues Committee to determine a “plant” for assessment purposes is: "A plant with a MSHA number and reported man-hours of at least 1,000 MHR shall be considered a plant for plant assessment purposes."

As members of the Indiana Mineral Aggregates Association, producers are required to be members of the association’s Environmental Stewardship Council (ESC). IMAA established the Council to provide guiding principles for environmental stewardship and reclamation. In order to fund this Council’s activities, IMAA members are assessed and billed quarterly.

I understand that this is a request for membership information ONLY and not an official application for membership in the Indiana Mineral Aggregates Association. The IMAA office will contact the inquiring Producer company with more detailed dues and membership information upon receiving this request. All Producer member applicants must be recommended by an existing member of IMAA and approved by a majority vote of the current Board of Directors.

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Our firm desires to receive the benefits of your Association, and not being engaged in the business of mining, producing, processing or selling mineral aggregates, we would like to be accepted as an Associate Member.

We understand that the annual dues for Associate Members are $750 per year billed at the beginning of the calendar year with first time membership being $600 or the amount prorated by the IMAA Executive Director. We also understand that our membership is contingent upon the acceptance of our company's application by the IMAA Board of Directors. We understand and agree to pay the appropriate amount for dues, and our membership will be probationary until final acceptance by the IMAA Board at the next available Board of Directors meeting.